Top 6 Methods to Make Tons of Money Online

We live in a day and age where making money online is easier than you think. You can now earn tons of money working online, from the comfort of your home. Whatever your skills or hobbies, you can definitely find something you like and enjoy a consistent stream of income.

Here are the top 6 methods you can use to start making money right now while staying at home.

1. Start by Completing Surveys

Probably one of the easiest ways to start your journey of making money online is to complete surveys. You need absolutely no skill for this. If you live in the US and Canada, you get access to a wide range of surveys, as most survey firms are concentrated in North America. To start, complete your profile on several survey sites and add your hobbies, skills, education and passions.

After you complete your profile, you will receive surveys that match your skill set and preferences. Expect to earn between $1 and $5 per survey. Typically, it takes around 15 minutes to complete a survey, so you can make an average of $10 or more an hour. It’s not much, but it is definitely something.

2. Become a Writer

If your English level is above average and you have some creativity, why not dive into ghost writing? As a writer, you can earn anywhere from $1 to $10 per 100 words. Article writing is an activity for the long run and can help you make a small fortune in time. As your skills develop and you go from basic through premium and elite, you will get to earn consistently more, up to $300 a day. If you get your hands on a good eBook writing offer, you may even earn up to $500 a day by writing a 7,000 words eBook in your niche.

3. Write Reviews

Another method to make a legit income from the comfort of your home is through reviews. Most review sites are in the electronics niche. While some sites pay you money for new reviews, other offer incentives. Get a mix of both and increase your knowledge in the IT industry, all the while getting paid.

4. Participate in Forums

This is quite a new opportunity. More and more forums are now paying their members for becoming active participants. Even though you don’t get paid much, it all adds up if you spend a few minutes now and then posting. Here are some of the best forums to monetize:

5. Capitalize on Blogging

This is probably one of the most popular ways to earn a living online. However, it takes time to scale up. Once you create your blog in your favorite niche (preferably a niche you are expert in), you need to post original articles and do basic SEO. If you are good enough, you will see a spike of traffic in the months to follow, and fortunately people will share your blog. Good bloggers start to make around $2,000 each month after one year.

6. Give Affiliate Marketing a Shot

Affiliate marketing is the best method to make money from the comfort of your home, as it is the most rewarding opportunity available to you. In addition to learning a lot of marketing along the way, you can end up earning around $40k each month and achieve financial freedom. However, you need to choose the right affiliate opportunity and keep up the good work.