The Perfect Online Income Source

So you think you have come across the perfect online job. You join it and start dreaming of how you can make millions in less than a year. This happens all the time. When you work on such projects, there is no comparison to the pain you will get when you do not receive payment for the work you did. The loss of money and trust with the said company can make you believe there is nothing worse than an online business. The following tips have been developed and designed to ensure you do not fall victim to such a situation.

Where you start

When you experience an online scam that took away your hard earned money you will likely avoid any business transaction whether offline or online. People live and survive through their ability to trade. For example, when you work, you are trading your time for money. When you work online, the difference is that you trade your skills and time for money. If you work online, you will be susceptible to scams. At one point you may end up being a victim of a scam. This does not mean you will not do any online business, but rather you will learn how to avoid the same. If you want to avoid being a victim, you can learn by looking at the following story.

A story

There are many stories about people who have been victim to Internet Marketing schemes. One that stood out was about an individual who had joined an affiliate program with one of the popular people in online marketing circles in 2001. The popular guy had a number of popular products that earned the victim approximately $400 in a short time. Unfortunately, the commissions were only seen online, and the payment process had not been verified. Within a short time, the victim discovered that the “popular and trusted” individual had closed shopped and moved elsewhere.

Tips to survive

One of the most effective ways to avoid or prevent an online scam is never trusting anybody without a proven history to manage your cash for you. People can go badly quickly whether they are an affiliate investor or owner. In fact, majority, if not all, were scammers from the beginning. Instead of relying on such managers or programs, it is wise to look for companies with a proven solid history. Examples of the same include, but are not limited to, commission junction and ClickBank LinkShare.

Another lesson you can learn from online scams is to accept your failures and move on. If you do not learn how to forgive and forget, you my end up following such people. This will in turn cost you additionally money that you will never recover. Instead, use it as a basis for learning how to know when and where to invest your hard earned money. The upside is that there are legitimate affiliate programs or online places you can earn money. The thing you should keep in mind is that you will have to work very hard in order to get a substantial income from them.


You can prevent or reduce your chances of being scammed by dealing with someone who has recourse. Use of payment processors such as Skrill, Credit/Debit cards and PayPal can limit your exposure. Never send money to strangers using a money-transfer platform. Instead, you should make sure due diligence is performed before you pay and/or join any online money making scheme.