The Beginners Guide To Making Money Online For Free

The internet offers you a leeway to financial freedom. It gives you the access several websites dedicated to helping you navigate the path to financial freedom, for free. The secret, however, lies in differentiating between legitimate sites from the shady ones seeking to exploit your desperation.

To help you know understand to separate the wheat from the chaff in the make money online industry, here are examples of a legitimate site and practical method to get you started.


Fiverr is a micro-job site and just like the name suggests everything here sells from the upwards of $5. Fiverr is especially popular with online marketers seeking to outsource simple tasks. These are met by a hoard of subscribers, most of whom offer popular services in a unique way.

You can offer and promote almost anything on Fiverr and stand to make money from the service as long as it is met with market demand. You also don’t need a particular set of technical skills to make it on Fiverr. You can start by copywriting for websites, writing general and SEO articles, translating different texts into your native language, transcribing audio files or even selling your original arts and photos.

Money making on Fiverr starts when you create a gig relating to the service you offer. As your unique gigs sell on the site, you will be paid immediately through an online payment processing method known as PayPal.

Affiliate Marketing

This is more lucrative and passive, requiring even much less effort on your part. Affiliate marketing involves promoting someone else’s products and services with the promise of getting a commission for every sale you help close. With almost every product currently available online having an affiliate program, you can choose to promote any niche. The process starts with identifying your passion then turning to the internet to find related niches to promote.

The most effective way of marketing your affiliate product is by creating a free WordPress blog and writing reviews with hyperlinked texts to the product. Share these reviews with your social media connections to generate the needed traffic and possible sales. It is, nevertheless, advisable that you deal with several affiliate programs if you stand to make more money as well as caution yourself from market shocks.

Other affiliate marketing promotion avenues

When starting out, it is recommendable that you maximize on the numerous free product promotion channels online. You can start by creating simple but informative video reviews of the product and post them on YouTube. Alternatively, write up articles and publish them with the free online article directories where they can be quickly picked by the search engines. You simply don’t have to spend thousands of dollars promoting your affiliate program; you just have to be creative.

Plough back profits

Once positive your affiliate marketing program is off the ground and confident about its future performance, you then can start plowing back the income generated towards its advancement. At this point, reinvest at least 20% of your income into further promoting the product through paid advertising.

Bottom line

Making money online starts with identifying a legit free-to-join money making site such as Fiverr, or marketing a promising affiliate product or service online. But most importantly, achieving financial freedom using these free methods requires a lot of dedication, creativity, and constant re-invention of your marketing strategies.