Sampling the 3 most profitable types of affiliate programs

In the internet age, the paradigms of marketing have changed. Businesses are turning away from traditional forms of advertising and approaching brand new ways of doing things. Affiliate marketing is one of the cheapest way for online businesses to attract new customers, which means a lot of work for affiliate marketers. While this form of marketing is highly profitable in the long term, you need to find a program that works best for you and for the type of products you are looking to push forward. There is nothing as a one-fit-all program, so you have to dig deeper that.

Let’s look at 3 of the most lucrative types of programs out there;

Multi-tier affiliate marketing

Here, you join a program that gives you its products to push. As you sell these products, you earn your living in two ways. First in the obvious way where you rake in commissions from the products. Second, you earn by recruiting even more people into the program. Let’s say you get on the program, and you invite several friends, among them your best friend, Anne. Once Anne joins the program, you get to make money off it. You will get a little from the products she sells and a little from the people she in turn recruits. The ladder goes on and on until you are earning money from multiple generations of the people you brought on board.

Life time commissions affiliate programs

As a marketer, you get a commission every time the leads you shared make a purchase. Let’s take the example of Joe, who buys an antivirus program from a lead provided by an affiliate called James. After a while, the license expires, and Joe goes directly to the merchant website to purchase a renewal. Even though in the second instance James has not offered any leads, he will still benefit from the sale because he is the one that initiated contact in the first place. This strategy is great for affiliates because it makes them passive income. They do not have to keep sharing leads until every specific person gets the world but they can certainly expect incomes from indirect purchases.

Pay Per click

This is one of the most popular around, and it does not take much to understand. PPC is all about being at the right place at the right time. You simply share leads, directing the would-be customers to a page where the merchant’s products exist. Once you have done that, you just have to sit back and reap the fruits. Every single time a prospect clicks through, you get paid. It does not matter whether they will make the decision to buy; clicking is enough to land you dome good pay dirt. Of course, you earn more when they actually make a purchase decision.

Affiliate marketing is a profitable gig, but you have to be smart; you need to know what niche to go to. You will also need to identify programs that actually earn you money. The decision you make when it comes to these programs will decide how much you earn.