Making Money Online: The Basic Principle

There are about a million gazillion articles out there that talks about how to make money online, yet the topic remains one of the most elusive and least understood on the internet. Why? Many of these articles and tutorials are just sales pitches that do not offer much value and real answers to the mentioned subject matter. Believe it or not, most people actually believe that making money online is a myth. So, just how do you make money online?

Before you make any move towards making money online, you need to understand one basic principle; traffic. Traffic is basically the number of people visiting your online platform; it could be a blog, website, forum, online store, social media platform, video channel, etc.

Anybody who has achieved some success with making money online will tell you that traffic is indeed the currency of online money making business. It doesn’t matter which kind of venture you are involved in; no traffic, no making money online. It’s more like in the real physical world; it’s impossible to set up shop in the middle of nowhere and expect any sales.

So first, you need to identify or set up an online platform/presence, and then give people a reason why they should listen to you. If you can keep them engaged, give them real value, address their pain points and entertain them, trust me, they will jump at any offer that you recommend. At this point you must be thinking; umm…so what kind of platform should set up? Wait, I don’t even have any reason why people should listen to me!

Trust me; everybody has some really great value to offer to the internet community. So stop sitting on your talents. There are literally thousands of ways you can make people listen to you, follow you (traffic) and buy any offers you recommend. What I am saying is, there are thousands of ways to make money online. You could develop your own products or service and sell them to your fans, become an affiliate marketer and promote other people’s products, set up a platform that facilitates transactions and take commissions, and the list goes on and on.

If we have to discuss ways to make money online in absolute terms, we will run out of space. But whichever route you take, there are a few success tips you need to keep in mind;


· Take it seriously: you might have landed an online job that allows you to work from home in the comfort of your bathtub, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a “real job”. Take every opportunity seriously and always remember that the competition online is much more fierce that in your physical world.


· Be professional: again, just because your online clients don’t know you in person and you haven’t signed any formal contract doesn’t give you a go ahead to be sketchy with your dealings. Treat all your clients and fans with respect and appreciation.


· Be honest and straightforward: It may sound cliché, but in this error of online scams, nothing breaks down an online business empire than any sign of dishonesty and underhand dealings.


· Be consistent: Your fans and customers need to know that they can trust you to offer consistent quality in services, products, and ideas all the time. Also, a Facebook comment you made back in 2013, for instance, should not contradict a blog post you posted yesterday. So project the same image and standpoints across all the platforms you interact with.

Bottom line

It may feel a little difficult to jumpstart your initial traffic, but with the right marketing and campaign strategies and a little patience, you should get things up and running in no time. However, to sustain this traffic, you will need some consistent, quality and engaging content. Luckily, that’s not so difficult to get nowadays.