Internet Marketing and Avoiding Online Scams

There are many legitimate ways to make an income online from home, but beware, honest ways to make money on the internet are outnumbered 1,000 to 1 by internet scams. You don’t have to look too far when using one of the popular search engines to find them.

So, before throwing your hard earned cash at the next complete stranger whose face appears on your PC screen ask yourself these three simple questions to make sure you have found a genuine and honest online opportunity. If you are searching for that perfect way to pay your bills with a legitimate income opportunity. The following are tips for spotting and avoiding the scams.

1. Beware of any money making idea that promises huge amounts of money, with relatively no effort required on your part. Yes, working in your PJ’s certainly beats spending an hour sitting in your car to get to the office, but work and time are still required. If you have no experience in the targeted business, just like any other career, you will need to invest additional upfront time to learn the technology and nuances of the business and update your skill set. If you are already comfortable with the details, you must still plan to invest a minimum of 4-6 hours per day to realize any decent income. It won’t just fall from the sky.

2. Make sure the offer comes with contact information and industry endorsements. Google the company or representative and make sure they are who they say they are.

3. Avoid any offer that does not provide a trial period or a complete money back guarantee. Even if an income generating idea is legitimate, it may turn out not to suit your personal skills or personality. You need some time to investigate the materials, kick the tires, try it out and decide whether the opportunity fits your lifestyle and income needs. If the full guarantee isn’t there, walk away.

4. To reach your goals, you need to work with someone who will provide ALL the secrets and training you need to be successful. Make sure the online offer and supporting website or materials provide good, free, useful information. Know that you will have support on an ongoing basis. Get a sense that the author and company are willing to partner with you and mentor you, not just suck your wallet dry.

5. Before giving anyone your credit card, you want to be sure this person knows what they’re talking about and is an expert in their field. Check out the website thoroughly. Read the free articles, listen to the free tutorial videos, look for social networks or online sites where you can check this person out. You want to learn from a successful expert, not someone who knows little more than you do.

6. Save yourself time and money and run from the multiple level or network marketing schemes. They’re not necessary scams. Most of them do have a legitimate product and business plan, however, it is rarely worth your time. The only people who are making big money in these organizations are the ones who got in on the ground floor. They have had all of us busting our butts to build their downline “organization.” The problem with building a successful down the line is that too many people find out after they’re in that they don’t want to work that hard. They run out of family and friends and then don’t know how to build their business. They get disenchanted with an unfair compensation plan or all the extras fees that seem to be assessed continually. You will spend more time recruiting and training new team members than you can imagine.

The other problem with most MLM deals is that your active status hinges on you selling a minimum amount of product each month, at outrageously high prices. If you don’t sell it to someone else, you have to buy it yourself… month after month, whether you can use that much product, or not.

After screening through all the possibilities, you can find that perfect Internet marketing solution for earning great part-time or full-time income from the comfort of your home. No need for childcare or juggling schedules with your spouse. Start out small and make amazing money quickly. Then continue to learn and build your business to whatever level you are comfortable.

Online marketing is not difficult, and you don’t have to be a techie to figure it out. You have to make the right connections and get the right resources. With straightforward learning tools, anyone who can read, learn from videos, and follow instructions can make great money from e-marketing.