How everyone can make money online

The fact that anyone can make a decent income online is no longer debatable. Recent developments in lots of industries have opened the doors to freelancers of all kinds, online businesses, as well as remote workers. It’s clear that opening an online business is no longer a risky, niche choice which can only work for a select few – it is an option worth considering for each and every one of us. But given all these development and how interconnected the world is in 2017, why aren’t more people succeeding in the online environment?

The most likely culprits are the “get rich quick” schemes. They have created the false hypothesis that anyone can get into the online business domain and have success. “success” here is defined as getting a six-figure income with a few hours a day of work. This is the type of “success story” which is promoted across the internet, and wrongly so. All of these get rich quick schemes have been proven as fakes and scams, and sadly, they also influence hard-working online businesses negatively. There is a big difference between people who dedicate time, knowledge, money and effort to building an online brand and those who are just looking for a get rich quick scheme. The above-mentioned ingredients are the keys which can turn an online business into a success.

They can be easily summed up in a single sentence: Do not take shortcuts.

An online business is just like any other business. If you’d think of opening a physical store, you’d need to think about a lot of things: accounting, marketing, supply and demand, you’d have to put in lots of hours of work, have an initial budget to invest, make mistakes and learn, and finally progress. The fact that this isn’t the way that online businesses are treated is the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make. Looking down at the hard facts, it’s clear that making money online is actually a guarantee if you put in the hours of work which you need to. It’s not only about finding a niche and spending a Saturday afternoon working on a website. Think about:

– Social media presence and marketing

– Financing and Accounting

– Monetizing as much of your website as possible

– Website design and administration


– Supply and demand cycles

– Employees and/or freelance contractors

These are all things you need to have a firm grip on if your online business will succeed. The good news is that if you spend time and effort on each one of they, you will surely make a decent income. Be prepared for a long learning exercise in which you will try out different things, with various degrees of success, but never give up. After a while, you will see your earnings raise month after month and understand all there is to know about online businesses.

The most important thing to understand is that shortcuts have to be avoided at all costs. There are certain things that you have to do yourself, in order to understand your business, your market niche, and your customers. You can’t just buy a pack for $999 online which will then magically make you money. After spending hours and hours developing your business, the money will come as a result of your know – how and efforts.