Affiliate Marketing: 10 Tips to Help You Navigate Through

Although you may not have practiced affiliate marketing, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Simply put, it involves referring other people online to various products and services being advertised and sold around the internet. If your reference — via an affiliate link — generates a sale, then you get a commission according to the agreed terms between you and the person you’re promoting for.

So, what exactly does affiliate marketing entail and how can you make yours successful and highly rewarding? Read on…


1) An Example of a Successful Affiliate Marketer

Promoting products/services online can take many forms. Many successful affiliates like Martin Lewis of began by creating a marketing blog first. He generates content to help online users to decide on which credit card service to go for, the most competitive interest rates, etc. and makes money by referring site visitors to certain offers. has created a huge following, with Google highly ranking it in its search engine.


2) How Do I Get Started as an Affiliate Marketer?

There are some fundamental strategies you need to learn in order to be able to come up with effective methods of generating internet traffic to the offers you’re promoting. As we’ve already highlighted above, start with a simple blog. For instance, if you’re a traveler, ‘blog’ about your travel adventures. If you don’t have a hobby or interest to blog about, then follow an online course that can help.


3) How Much Time Does it Take to Make a Living as an Affiliate?

Whether you’re into affiliate marketing to make an extra income or it’s your full-time job, the amount of time and effort you dedicate to the business has a major impact on your eventual success. With the right business strategy and a huge advertising budget, some affiliate marketers have been able to replace their current income within 6-12 months.


4) Is Affiliate Marketing a Preserve of the Few or Can Anyone Crack It?

One good thing about this business is that with current technological advancements, most people can do this. As long as you can operate an email account and other online tools and platforms like social media, then you’re good to go. All you need is to learn a few affiliate marketing basics and implement the knowledge. But one thing is for sure: your hard work and dedication is what will see you through.


5) Does Affiliate Marketing Have Pitfalls I Need to Look Out For?

Don’t go into affiliate business thinking it is some magic pill that will return instant cash without hard work; its rewards are definitely performance-related. For you to get paid, you need to make successful sales. The surest way to reap big money from affiliate marketing is by putting in big in terms of money, time and hard work.


6) Any Key Advantages about Affiliate Marketing?

One good thing about affiliate marketing is that it’s incredibly flexible and offers a lot of freedom. You can work from anywhere, any time. You can do it part time or full time. No more commuting. No more working for long hours for a boss you dislike. With this level of flexibility, you can choose your priorities in life (for instance spend more time with your family) yet choose your own working hours, and even travel and work abroad. What’s more, the global reach of an affiliate business makes it amazingly scalable.


7) Why Am I Struggling to Keep Up My Affiliate Business?

Many reasons. To succeed, first get the right knowledge. And, remember building a successful affiliate business takes a great deal of time. Only when you’ve reached a ‘tipping point’ do you really start seeing your progress. Some affiliates simply don’t realize how much dedication is involved while others underestimate the amount of time and hard work required. Paid advertising and effective content marketing are two key areas you also need to look into.


8) What is the Best Affiliate Model to Go For?

While there exist various affiliate models, you need to identify one and learn it inside out. Do you want to target search traffic and rank high on search engine results? Are you creating your own products for selling directly to customers? Or do you have a wide range of products that you can use to create a great model for long-term success by targeting repeat customers? Bottom line: choose a model you’re passionate about and that which can keep you going for the long term.


9) Is it Okay to Just Sell My Own Products?

Although you can create your own products and sell online, there are a few things to determine first. Do they have a demand big enough to make good money? Do you know how to market them effectively? Marketing is key in online marketing. Learn how to market products before you can dedicate your time to creating your own. If you’re better placed to get the knack of online marketing by starting by selling other people’s products first, then do that and learn.


10) Finally, What Exactly is the Point of Affiliate Marketing?

Many people struggle with this concept. Some find affiliate marketing too ‘salesy’. Before starting, know exactly why you’re here. If you’re looking for flexibility; if you want to work from home; if you want to earn from the internet; if you want to choose your own working hours; if you’re looking to reach a global market; and most importantly, if you’re ready for some hard work, then you’re in the right place!