6 simple steps to create your business and make money online

In this day and age, who doesn’t want to fire his/her boss and row the boat themselves? But, without a proper framework and someone to guide you along the journey, it may actually become quite hard. Just follow these 6 steps, as have been laid out below, to accelerate your growth!

1. Setup a solid goal

While you set up your online business, you should think about your end goal and the kind of expectation you have from your business. Have a solid figure in your mind, something that you plan to achieve, and work extra-hard towards achieving it!

2. Locating a profitable market

This is a very important step of being an online entrepreneur. If you slag on your research of your niche and the kind of competition it entails, then you may end up failing miserably. It’s good to follow your heart, but sometimes you have to listen to your brain too! So, look for markets who aren’t overly saturated and still have some space left for you to leave a mark.

3. Lead Capture Page

Most of the budding internet marketing entrepreneurs tend to overlook the importance of this aspect, but you shouldn’t! When your visitor lands on your page, he/she may not make a purchase on the first visit. Hence, you have to get their contact information ( their emails ) and follow them up with great offers!

4 Importance of a good affiliate program

Now, once you have developed the aforementioned list, it’s time to find an affiliate program that is good and pays you well and on time. After that, you make your subscribers aware of any new product in the market ( usually the product you are promoting ) and tell them about it’s benefits to them. But, before you go on to do that, it’s very important to build up a relationship with your subscriber base.

For this to happen, you have to keep on providing them important and valuable information. Follow the 4:1 rule, wherein you would provide something that will help your subscribers in the first 4 emails, and the 5th one would be the promotion of your affiliate product. Once you have developed a good working relationship with them, they will start trusting your judgment!

5. Importance of traffic generation

Everything is well and good until this point; but, how can you ever be an internet marketer if no one reaches your page? This is when the traffic generation factor comes in; if you plan on selling or promoting anything, then you should be able to pull a massive number of online visitors to your website.

There are many ways of generating traffic to your website and gain recognition. Writing and submitting articles to article directories is a great way of doing that. Remember, quality over quantity, always!

6. Follow-up

Once you have followed all the steps as given above, you should be well on your way to making your first sale; if not, then retrace your steps, and find out where you went wrong, the problem would usually lie in drawing rafts of visitors to your website. S,o keep a look out for that!

Remember, don’t hurry the process, learn and grow on your way. It’s a journey of a thousand miles. If you run too hard you are going to be exhausted towards the end. Once you have gained a humongous reputation amongst your fan base, then it would be easy for you to gain their trust!