5 Musts to Make Money Online

No one said making money online was easy but it’s not entirely impossible either. Despite the fact that online competition is fierce these days, following some fundamental strategies will allow you to make money no matter what. Every website has pages that receive more traffic than others. By monetizing those high-traffic pages and optimizing them for the search engines, you’re bound to increase revenue for your site.

Here are 5 surefire steps to take in order to make money with your website.

Step # 1.

Discover the Pages on The Site with the Many Money-Making Potential. If you’re not already using an analytic tool, get one. Search pages on your site have the highest number of unique page views. You can focus on optimizing the top ten pages that receive the most traffic or even more pages if you have quite a few high-traffic pages.

Step # 2.

Make Sure Visitors Get What They’re Looking for When They Visit those Pages. Use your analytic tool to find out what visitors are searching for to get to your page. Then use the content on the page to address those search queries. Try answering every single search query you come across to make your page extra-useful to visitors. The more useful and relevant the content on your page is, the more likely the visitors are to link to your site, become return visitors, and spend a longer time browsing.

Step # 3.

Monetize your High-Traffic Pages. First you have to decide what your ultimate goal is when visitors arrive to your page and then focus on that goal. If your goal is for visitors to click on ads, spend some time blending your ads in well with the page. It’s a good idea to make them stand out to visitors but without being too in-your-face. You can use an ad network like AdSense to monetize or an affiliate program like Click bank.

Step # 4.

Do Plenty of Internal Linking. Make sure to link to your high-traffic pages on your website when it’s relevant in order to further increase traffic to those areas. An effective strategy is to link to one high-traffic page on another high-traffic page because you can attempt to convert visitors into leads more than once that way if it doesn’t work the first time around. You can also create a reference page and link to all pages on your site that are relevant to certain favorite topics. You can link to both high-traffic pages and pages that aren’t visited often on the reference page.

Step # 5.

Optimize Your Website for SEO. Use a keyword tool to know what the target keywords are in your niche. Combine that knowledge with what your analytic tool tells you people are searching for in order to get to your site. Make sure your content is rich with those keywords but without being obnoxious. You need to utilize both On-page and off-page SEO tactics. Ensure that you have proper description meta tags that entice search engine users to click through and title tags that contain your target keywords. Offsite you need to find ways to build close links and the easiest way to do that if you are a blogger is to get links from other bloggers.

Make no mistake about it. By following these fundamental strategies, you’ll make money from your website. The results may not be had overnight but with the right amount of persistence, you’re sure to increase revenue and build a long-term avenue for making money online.