5 Easy Ways to Make Money Online As A Single Mom

A side hustle is almost a necessity when you’re a single mom these days. All moms have the tough job of raising and nurturing kids, but as a single mom, the job gets even harder because you’re stuck doing it all on your own. Bearing the burden of meeting your kids’ demanding needs, while maintaining a job to keep finances afloat is no easy task.

Needless to say, the work of a single mom is never done and it’s easy to see how one can be driven to despair by the state of things. However, there’s plenty for single moms to smile about with increasing number of work-from-home gigs that can be used to increase income today.

Here’s a list of 5 different ways to make money online that single moms can especially benefit from:

1. Start A Blog or Website

With zero experience or knowledge, there are many hot niches or in-demand products and services that you can build an online marketing business around. Creating a website is the first step, monetizing it will be your next and most important move. There are many resources that can help you become an affiliate to big retailers like Amazon or small companies seeking leads. Just do the research and get started with whatever you have.

2. Become A Freelancer

In this digital age, it’s no surprise that there’s an online market for almost any skill. If you have any skill or experience, developing it could be the key to building a lucrative freelance side hustle. That skill could be anything from editing or writing website content to graphic design, web design or even photography. Opportunities exist throughout the web for anyone looking to earn some extra income. Even if these skills aren’t exactly fully developed yet, you can start out small and earn only a few extra hundred dollars each month. As you improve and acquire more clientele, your earning potential and monthly income will also increase.

3. Apply for Virtual Assistant/Remote Customer Rep Positions

This is not always an easy or suitable job for everyone. However, if you’ve got the right interpersonal skills and initiative to complete assigned tasks efficiently while solving other people’s problems, then you can definitely apply to be a virtual assistant or customer representative. Companies and individuals are always hiring for such positions to increase productivity without requiring more office space. Just be sure to have a strong internet connection and a schedule that’s flexible enough to navigate all of your responsibilities.

4. Tutor Students Online

All those lessons you’ve taught your kids can be put to work to earn you the extra income you need. With some basic knowledge of certain subjects or programs, you can apply to online tutoring sites and go through the mostly straightforward selection process. As long as you apply to a position for which you are qualified, you should be able to land a well-paying gig as an online tutor.

5. Sell Arts & Crafts Online

Now, it’s time to get your creative side on. As a single mom, especially if you have young girls, you likely spend a lot of time scrapbooking, designing or painting. Picking up more skills, or developing the ones you already have can allow you use your creativity to earn supplemental income. The possibilities of the products you can sell are endless, so just get started doing something you love. Post it online and you’d be surprised how much you could make for it. A few examples of what you can create to sell from the comfort of your home include photographs, scrapbooks, custom-made clothing or paintings.

If you’re a single mom who’s been struggling to pay the bills, the time is right to explore the many legitimate moneymaking opportunities available online that won’t take up all your time. Try out one or more of these side jobs today and see how it could work for you too.